Image by Christian Wiediger

Consulting for call centers and improving quality of service and product


✔ Quick learning of the existing support center and understanding its failures. 

✔ Creating synergy between the service department and the other departments in the company to bring one goal and that is to improve the product and service to the customer. 

✔ An accurate understanding of the product at its UI level. Understand what causes the user to encounter a malfunction and need to contact the support center – and advise on how to fix it. 

✔ The main goal is to reduce as much as possible the need of the user (the customer) to contact the support center.

✔ Building an Omnichannel support system with the goal to enable the customer to receive a response from a variety of platforms.

✔ Construction of an autonomous support system to save the need for manpower and providing a 24/7 response. 

✔ Choosing communication and documentation systems that meet the customer's needs 

✔ Improving the quality-of-service providers by providing communication and professional tools.