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Small and Medium Business Computer support

✔ Quick response – an average of 20-seconds wait time. 

✔ You can contact us via phone, E-mail, WhatsApp, or chat on Facebook.

✔ Full integration between all providers in the business, such as ISP, infrastructure, printers, software and more. So, there is only one phone number to call to, we'll do all the rest.

✔ Monitor faults to fix them before they cause damage

✔ Alternate computer service in case the computer needs to be taken to the lab.

✔ Cloud server support (Azure, Google, and more).

✔ Controlled and monitored backups to workstations of all types and platforms (Windows, Linux, IOS and servers).

✔ Nationwide deployment of technicians for response quickly and everywhere.

✔ Response time for field technicians is up to 4 hours in urgent cases and up to 24 hours in normal cases, most of the time, we’ll arrive within an hour. 

✔ A personal technician will be assigned to you with his personal mobile number.

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